About Us

Welcome to Cosmic Arcade!

 My name is Giovanna and I design and make all the items for sale. 

 Before I got addicted to Pole, I used to play Roller Derby and got very frustrated when buying shiny shorts online and the terrible fit of those.

 I started making shorts and soon my team mates and other teams started asking where I got my shorts from, so  I started Cut The Track. Customers were mentioning using my shorts in Pole classes and I was curious, then 2 of my team mates started Pole at University and we started discussing Pole clothing. Looking at Pole clothing for myself, I realised that there were not a lot of options for my size 16/18 and that is when I decided to extend to Pole, Aerial and Dance wear and start Cosmic Arcade and make my standard size range 6 to 24.

We are always looking for feedback and ideas of new lines. Always feel free to contact me or speak to me at any of the events.

All the photos on the website were done by the amazing Shirlaine Forrest with make up by Jennifer Perry at pole and aerial venue Polefire.

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